Basics of Infused Edibles

The medical marijuana industry is moving beyond the smoke. Cannabis infused edibles are becoming more popular among patients for reasons that range from longer effects and discrete dosing.

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Infused edibles provide new benefits for patients

Marijuana infused products, which are commonly known as “edibles,” are great for patients who cannot or choose not to smoke. Patients on supplemental oxygen do not have the option of smoking and rely on edibles and concentrates to get cannabis medication.

When consumed orally, cannabis enters the bloodstream after digestion. This process of consumption is safer than smoking for almost every patient because there is no exposure to carbon, tar, or carcinogens. Patients who suffer from severe nausea benefit especially from infused edibles. It is much easier to take a bite of a snack or enjoy a sucker than to smoke when experiencing extreme nausea.

Infused edibles are also a discrete and accurate way to receive medical marijuana dosages. Most infused edibles have the dosing printed on the packaging or even the edible itself. These products go through many quality control checkpoints to ensure patients know what to expect when ingesting them.

Start with a low dose and increase slowly

New patients should be sure to start with a very low dose of active cannabinoids in their infused edibles. Begin with 10-15 mg of cannabinoids and increase dosing on separate occasions if you need to. We recommend keeping a journal and recording products, doses, and reactions you have while you learn what medical marijuana solutions are best for you.

Know the difference between gastrointestinal and oral uptake

Infused edibles absorbed through the stomach have a gastrointestinal uptake. This process usually causes the medical marijuana to take longer to activate; however, the effects will last longer. Products absorbed through the stomach are edibles like cookies, brownies, pills, and other snacks. They are especially helpful for patients with Crohn’s Disease because it occurs in the GI tract, which is where the edibles distribute cannabinoids.

Other edibles have an oral uptake, which means they are absorbed in the mouth. These infused products activate almost immediately and wear off faster than edibles absorbed through the stomach. Effects last, on average, two to three hours. Products absorbed in the mouth are suckers, lozenges, tinctures, and other.

Hybrids of products with oral and gastrointestinal uptake do exist. They are typically both fast acting and long lasting. Infused drinks and chocolate bars offer these benefits most commonly.

Find the Infused Edible Right for You

At Canopi Dispensaries, we carry the most popular edible brands in the country. Many are produced at our CWCo-Op and carry the CWNevada seal of quality. They are quality controlled through the entire production process.
During a one-on-one consultation with one of our budtenders, you will learn what flower or edible products are best for you. Visit us to find the best infused edible products to try as you learn what your favorites are!