Brand Highlight: Wana

We are bringing Colorado’s favorite infused gummies to Las Vegas! The Nevada medical marijuana community can visit our North Las Vegas location to try Wana Brands infused gummies today.

We are bringing you whimsy!Wana Nevada edibles

As soon as we open a Wana pouch, we feel whimsical. The brightly-colored beauties would not look out of place in an old-fashioned glass jar in your grandma’s pantry. The sugar and fruit flavors cover any possible cannabis odor, which makes for discreet consumption.

The texture of the gummies is even more tender than mass-market gummies. Wana Brand’s secret vegan, gluten-free recipe is the magic in these little edibles.

Wana Brands provides consistent quality at every step.

To ensure consistency, Wana Brands lab tests every batch of tincture and adjusts the recipe based on potency to provide accurate dosing. They have insisted on this practice since they opened many years before the law required it to be done.

Are you looking for professionalism, consistency, quality, and innovation?

Wana Brands was founded on those four principles and continues to improve upon them. They have added the expectation of deliciousness as the business has grown. Wana Brands believes that eating an edible or consuming a concentrate should be a treat. They have worked to refine their recipes so that the taste of their products comes through rather than the taste of the medicine within them.

Try your new favorite brand of gummies today.

Stop by our North Las Vegas location for a free private consultation. During the consultation, we will determine which cannabis strains are best for you. Once we’ve done the research, the fun begins. Our budtenders will take you to the sales floor and show you each flower or edible that suits your needs.

Wana gummies are manufactured with different cannabinoid percentage options. You’ll be able to enjoy the delicious secret Wana Brands recipe no matter what medicinal preference you have.