Why Does the DEA Still Use the Term ‘Marihuana’?

Just recently, the Drug Enforcement Administration published a rule in the Federal Register. The rule states that certain “marihuana” extracts, including CBD, are Schedule I controlled substances. That puts CBD in the same category, federally, as a whole marijuana plant.

Establishment of a New Code for Marihuana Extract

The rule that makes CBD a Schedule I controlled substance is titled “Establishment of a New Code for Marihuana Extract.” Specifically, it uses an “H” rather than a “J” in the spelling throughout the rule.

Russell Baer, the DEA spokesman, claims that it is an administrative measure to help with record keeping. However, some marijuana legalization advocates are suspicious that the spelling was used in an attempt to sneak the rule past the public.

The word “marihuana” doesn’t show up in the results when someone searches for changes in marijuana policies. It’s considered an archaic spelling and could also simply be a desperate attempt to fight normalizing marijuana use.

marihuanaMarijuana spelling has evolved in unusual ways.

The word Marijuana with both “J” and “H” spellings was made popular in the US during the 1930s. Advocates of prohibition sought to exploit prejudice against Mexican immigrants by using the “J” spelling in all prohibition advocation material. They believed that if the drug sounded more Mexican, it would seem more dangerous.

The United States, however, used the “H” spelling in the Marihuana Tax Act of the 1930s. During the 1960s when usage became more popular, users adopted “marijuana” as the preferred spelling, and it has remained popular since then.

Today, “marihuana” is rarely used, and “cannabis” seems to be making a comeback. Some members of the drug reform community are working to lower the popularity of the “J” spelling due to its negative racial history. The term “cannabis” is preferred by most researchers as a matter of accuracy as well.

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