Brand Highlight: Dream Steam

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Medical marijuana consumption has come a long way from smoke. There are now infused edibles, drinks, candies, and more. In the middle-ground between smoking a joint and having an infused chocolate bar is cannabis oil concentrates. Dream Steam Vape Pens … Continued

10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Cannabis

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Luckily, Nevada is and has been a bit ahead of the curve on marijuana legalization, first through the legalization of medical marijuana and now, recreational use. Since locals have access to medical marijuana cards, they should know what illnesses and … Continued

Basics of Infused Edibles

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The medical marijuana industry is moving beyond the smoke. Cannabis infused edibles are becoming more popular among patients for reasons that range from longer effects and discrete dosing. Infused Edibles Basics Infused edibles provide new benefits for patients Marijuana infused … Continued

Understand the Effects of THC and CBD

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Cannabis has been proven to provide relief to patients with a multitude of illnesses. Understanding the basics of the growing and processing of the plants will help patients choose the best cannabis-infused product for their illness. What Is Cannabis? Cannabis … Continued

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