Caviar Gold

Caviar Gold first found its momentum in 2007 during the cannabis health and wellness movement in Colorado. Years later, Caviar Gold is considered and proven to be the best cannabis processors in the country. Now based in Los Angeles County, Caviar Gold Meds utilizes a proprietary CO2 extraction method that allows for accuracy and consistency as it relates to the dosages that are necessary to obtain optimum results, and to help patients obtain optimal health and healing. Using this process, the company strives to provide the strongest medicine available to help those who are sick, gain and maintain a better and healthier way of life.

The quality in which Caviar Gold processes and packages its products is considered to be top quality among other leading processors, and is a multiple award winner for service and quality by industry and patient organizations alike.




Charlotte’s Web by the Stanley Brothers

Charlotte’s Web is one of the most trusted botanical products on the market today. Charlotte’s Web is named for a nine-year-old girl named Charlotte Figi, who helped inspire the legalization of medical marijuana. At the age of 5, Charlotte, after only one dose of medical marijuana, she had experienced a reduction of epileptic seizure after suffering from Dravet syndrome. Dravet syndrome is a severe form of epilepsy that comes on during infancy. Born healthy, Charlotte’s epilepsy was discovered when at three- months- old, she had her first seizure. Her father, Matt Figi, had finished giving her a bath and was in the middle of diapering her.

Charlotte’s Web Oil was discovered in 2011. Because medicinal marijuana is legal in the state of Colorado, the Stanley brothers: Joel, Jesse, Jon, Jordan, Jared and Josh decided to create an oil from hemp. The cannabis oil is being marketed as a daily dietary supplement that is registered under the Federal law. Medical marijuana has been proven to be safe for long-term use. Charlotte’s Web Oil began when Josh Stanley grew a marijuana plant back in 2009 to help a cousin whose cancer treatment was not working for him. Paige Figi visited the brothers’ Realm of Caring Dispensary and shared her daughter’s sad story.

Mrs. Figi said that her daughter’s seizures could not be controlled by traditional medication for seizures, and she hoped the brothers could help her. Two years later, Charlotte is practically seizure-free from the product. Her parents are noticing brain connections that they have not seen for years. Charlotte is starting to laugh again after six months. Charlotte has stopped crying and is talking again. Her parents want to shout from the roof tops that Charlotte’s Web Oil has given them back their daughter, and this oil can help other children as well. Originally, Charlotte’s Web Oil was only for curing epileptic seizures.

Today, five years later, the oil is good for people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, migraines, cancer, and more. This is not a cure, but it can improve the quality of life. This oil comes in liquid, balm, and capsule form. As a liquid, it comes in many flavors including coconut, chocolate mint, olive oil, and unflavored. The capsules can be taken with water during meals.

Day Dreamers Chocolate

Day Dreamers Chocolate researches and develops pharmaceutical-grade medical-cannabis products for patients with serious illnesses who require the safest medicine available. Our products help patients who have medical conditions such as cancer, anorexia, AIDS, chronic pain, spasticity, glaucoma, arthritis, migraine, and other illnesses for which a medical doctor has recommended medical cannabis.
The company was created because of the needs for a consistently dosed, well proportioned chocolate bar. They recognized with all the other edibles, there was no way to help patients with proper dosage, That’s when the idea for the signature Blister Pack was born. Each bar is pharmacuetically packaged into proper doses so every patient can control the mg’s they intake.
Day Dreamers Chocolate also focused on all the benefits from CBD, with all other chocolate bars launching as hybrids. They focused specifically on specific strains such as Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and most importantly CBD.
Immediately, patients took notice to this and fell in love with the packaging and incredible taste of each bar. They have also been recognized by High Times Judges and has received multiple awards including Best CBD Edible in the Seattle U.S. Cup, Best Sativa at the San Francisco Cannabis Cup, Best CBD at Hempcon San Francisco, and best CBD at the Santa Cruz Cup.


Dream Steam

All Dream Steam cartridges are filled with cannabis oil that is CO2 extracted and refined using a proprietary distillation process, producing golden oil that is free from solvents and plant material.
We offer a large variety of strain-specific cartridges that are available in sativa, indica, hybrid, and CBD varieties, giving you the ability to choose the cartridge that best fits your needs. Cartridges are accurately labeled with information on strain, variety, net weight, and THC/CBD content, a practice that has become a requirement in some states but we’ve required of ourselves since 2014.




Founded in 2010, incredibles is recognized as the number one infused edible in Colorado. Known as experts in both infused edibles and extracts, incredibles has become synonymous with quality and consistency throughout the country and around the globe. With experienced leadership having over 20 years of combined food and product manufacturing experience, its no surprise that incredibles’ mission is to consistently provide high-quality, handcrafted infused products that taste great. incredibles products, which include a wide variety of chocolate bars, gum-e bites, and e-pens for both medical and adult-use are carried by more than 760 Colorado dispensaries. Every edible consists of precisely measured e-portions ensuring dose accuracy and effectiveness.

The company’s founders are dedicated to seeking responsible industry growth and are actively involved in education, legislation, and advocacy. Members of the incredibles executive team proudly serve on many reputable industry boards and understand the importance of producing the highest quality products possible. Whether for medicinal or recreational purposes, every product undergoes a rigorous testing process through state-certified labs. As a result, incredibles edibles and extracts exceed state regulations and are of unmatched quality and consistency.




marQaha is a very old Arabic word that refers to the “bliss” felt while drinking coffee, it has also come to mean “someone or something impossible to hate”. We infuse everything we do with this idea in our approach towards our customers and their patients. Our passion is the creating and offering of handcrafted drinks, edibles and other medicinal products to dispensaries that bring a feeling of bliss.

Our Philosophy- True to the plant
marQaha has created whole plant extracted products since 2010, well before this was a globally preferred way to present cannabis as medicine. We recognized that, while this plant is medicinal it has also been used spiritually and recreationally for thousands of years. Given the spectrum of uses (sometimes many at the same time) we see the overall use as being therapeutic.

There are 100’s of potentially different compounds present in the plant, it’s the interaction of these various compounds in cannabis that is known as the ‘entourage effect’, here’s how it works. Cannabis contains 100’s of chemical compounds. Researchers have identified over 60 unique molecules in cannabis known as cannabinoids, which include THC,CBD and CBG. Many other non-cannabinoid compounds are produced by the plant that also have regulatory effects. For example, terpenes, the molecules responsible for marijuana’s smell, have been shown to block some cannabinoid receptor sites in the brain while promoting cannabinoid binding in others. As a result, terpenes are believed to affect many aspects of how the brain takes in THC or CBD, while offering various therapeutic benefits of their own. While THC has gotten most of the attention, studies suggest many of the compounds in cannabis work together to produce a synergy of effects. This is known as the ‘entourage effect.’

Cannabis comes in thousands of different varieties, or strains. Different cannabis strains have vastly different chemical profiles that cause different experiences in the same person. This explains why sometimes cannabis can make a person feel calm, while other times it can make that same person feel anxious or paranoid. The chemical components of cannabis include, but are not limited to, terpenes, ketones, esters, lactones, alcohols, fatty acids, and steroids. The effects of all these chemicals working together and regulating each other will be much different than the effects of any one chemical working alone. Cannabis is made up of thousands of different chemicals that work together that creates a particular effect. Change the combination and you have a different effect, some of them are small while others are significant. This is the power of the plant and it’s real potential !



MED•a•mints original cannabis mints are a great choice for both veteran and first time users. MED•a•mints raised the bar in the world of cannabis edibles, setting the standard for convenience, quality, and consistency. A dependable dose of 10 mg THC per mint makes it easy to maintain the right medication level.

MED•a•mints were conceived to be a convenient, discreet and healthier alternative to smoking marijuana. We created delicious cannabis mints that effectively deliver a precise and consistent dose, at a great value.
Conscious consumers use MED•a•mints™ with confidence!
MED•a•mints cannabis mints are available for adults over 21 at dispensaries throughout Colorado (Availability in Nevada and California pending).
Our Mission
Our Mission is to create standardized products that bring cannabis into the world of trusted medicines, and make them available to people all around the world.
No dairy, calories or sugar. Just great taste!
MED•a•mints are the most delicious and potent cannabis mints on the market! Med•a•mints are sweetened with Xylitol, the only sweetener recommended by the American Dental Association. Xylitol also has a low glycemic index and therefore is a good choice for diabetics.

Our world-renowned herbalists have formulated a sugar-free cannabis mints recipe that is healthy and delicious. We use a blend of pure herbs and spices that work synergistically with premium cannabis strains selected to energize or relax for day or night use.
MED•a•mints™ – The Original Cannabis Mints
MED•a•mints cannabis mints first launched in November 2010.


Mountain High Suckers

Mountain High Suckers has produced handmade suckers and lozenges since their beginning in 2009.

Not afraid to be bold, we infuse spiciness, mango and even coconut into treats, too. We’re the pioneer in the CBD market, providing edibles that have less of a psychoactive effect and yet still provide a host of benefits, with anti-cancer properties being aggressively researched—many call CBD the “future of MMJ.”

Most patients will be able to get several doses from a single sucker or lozenge pack.

Chad Tribble and John Garrison started the company back in 2009. Within months they began testing their strains and discovered their genetics provided a fair amount of CBD. Since then we’ve tested every batch of our hash oil to ensure proper potency and consistency within our products. We’ve continued at a steady pace, cultivating the same genetics and hand making our products the same way today as we did in the beginning.

At Mountain High Suckers, our goal is to produce high quality medical marijuana infused products. We test every batch of hash oil to ensure accurate dosage. Our product is unique in that it offers a variety of the known cannabinoids including THC, CBD, CBC, CBG and others.



NEOS is a next generation provider of technology, services and branding to the ever-growing cannabis industry. The NEOS brand is a high-end quality electronic vaporization oil focused on achieving “best in class” standards in the industry.
The company was formed to assemble the most experienced professionals from inside and outside the industry to bring quality, transparency, and branding to an evolving industry and provide the consumer with the best medicine possible.
NEOS is focused on the future, creating revolutionary technologies to bring the safest, most effective way to consume cannabis. Our unique recipe brings elements to the oil marketplace that far exceeds expectations.



The Mad Hatter Coffee & Tea Co.

The Mad Hatter Coffee & Tea Co. has been alleviating pain since the late 80’s, it has since evolved and been refined…..we began with the idea to facilitate self medication without smoking Medical Marijuana.
It is known that both Coffee and Tea have beneficial side effects, we add a recipe of Organic herbs & spices that reflect our passion for alchemy, that are also known for their medicinal value, increasing blood circulation, endorphin reaction , countering the depressant characteristics of Medical Marijuana as well as enhancing Flavor and Aroma.

A Variety of blends in a Variety of potencies. Each blend has been enhanced with herbs and spices and or mushroom proteins that are said to alleviate certain medical and stress conditions:

Insomnia, Stress Relief, Shingles, Blood Circulation, AIDS, Cancer, Migraines, Allergies, Sea Sickness, Indigestion, Inflammation, Nerve issues, Blood related diseases, HEP A and B, Alzheimer’s…among others.
Each Blend can be sipped all day long or brewed for strong dosage release. Our Sativan Blend is a cerebral , for “on the go” day use, our Decaf Indican blends are good for patients who are bed ridden or with disabilities, or as a pleasant night cap for a solid night sleep without a hangover.


Tikun Olam

Tikun Olam Ltd. is the first, largest and foremost supplier of medical Cannabis in Israel, and one of leading medical cannabis companies in the world. Tikun Olam is the flag bearer and pioneer of the treatment of patients with medical cannabis in Israel. The company is privately held and has been operating under license from the Israel Ministry of Health since 2007.

Our company’s founding vision continues to drive us to provide patients with unparalleled treatment alternatives through the development of industry-leading professional standards. We are committed to growing and treating patients with the high quality medical grade cannabis. In 2014, we formed an exclusive alliance with Medreleaf of Canada to treat Canadian patients. In 2016, Tikun Olam further expanded, providing leading research, treatment options, and product offerings in the United States.




Wana Brands has been an innovator in the Colorado infused products industry since 2010. As one of Colorado’s original infused products manufacturers, Wana has developed an amazing line-up of artisan, made from scratch edibles, concentrates, and medicinal products including the state’s most popular sour gummies. Wana also offers the first extended release capsule on the market, available in three THC to CBD ratios.

When we started Wana Brands, the market for quality infused products was very limited. Right from the start, we knew that we wanted to build a brand that both patients and dispensaries could count on for professionalism, consistency, quality, and innovation. From production to packaging to working with our customers, Wana Brands is focused on these principles. To ensure consistency, Wana Brands lab tests every batch of tincture we make and adjusts the recipe based on potency to enable precise dosing—and we have done this from the day we opened our doors–many years before it was required by law. Our facility operates with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure strict quality control and consumer safety.

We also believe that eating an edible or consuming a concentrate should be a treat. We’ve invested in refining our recipes so that the taste of our delicious products comes through, not the taste of medicine.

Our products are made by passionate employees who love what they do and are dedicated to providing artisan level quality. We also pride ourselves on the quality of our service. Our entire team is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and dedicated to making our partners’ lives easier so they can in turn do their very best job for their customers.
Enhance Your Life Today with Wana