MED•a•mints original cannabis mints are a great choice for both veteran and first time users. MED•a•mints raised the bar in the world of cannabis edibles, setting the standard for convenience, quality, and consistency. A dependable dose of 10 mg THC per mint makes it easy to maintain the right medication level.

MED•a•mints were conceived to be a convenient, discreet and healthier alternative to smoking marijuana. We created delicious cannabis mints that effectively deliver a precise and consistent dose, at a great value.
Conscious consumers use MED•a•mints™ with confidence!
MED•a•mints cannabis mints are available for adults over 21 at dispensaries throughout Colorado (Availability in Nevada and California pending).
Our Mission
Our Mission is to create standardized products that bring cannabis into the world of trusted medicines, and make them available to people all around the world.
No dairy, calories or sugar. Just great taste!
MED•a•mints are the most delicious and potent cannabis mints on the market! Med•a•mints are sweetened with Xylitol, the only sweetener recommended by the American Dental Association. Xylitol also has a low glycemic index and therefore is a good choice for diabetics.

Our world-renowned herbalists have formulated a sugar-free cannabis mints recipe that is healthy and delicious. We use a blend of pure herbs and spices that work synergistically with premium cannabis strains selected to energize or relax for day or night use.
MED•a•mints™ – The Original Cannabis Mints
MED•a•mints cannabis mints first launched in November 2010.

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