What Is It Like to Be a First-time Medical Marijuana Customer?

The first dispensary visit can be intimidating. At Canopi’s Nevada dispensary, our mission is to make all of our patients feel comfortable. We want you to be comfortable visiting us, asking us questions, and using our products.

What Is a Visit to Canopi Really Like?

Database setup

When you first walk through our doors, you are in our lobby. You’ll be asked to present your photo ID along with your Nevada medical marijuana card. We will give you a form to fill out that will allow us to put more information under your profile in our database.


Once your information is added, we give back your ID and medical marijuana card. One of our budtenders will come from the sales floor into the lobby to escort you inside and help you find the perfect product for you.

Private consultation

Your personal budtender will offer you a private consultation before you start looking at products. In a private consultation, you will be taken into a room by your budtender to address specific needs you have.

The consultation room has a computer that can be used to find additional information or confirmation. Once your consultation is complete, your budtender will have more knowledge of what to show you out on the sales floor.

Choosing your productCanopi nevada dispensary

Flowers are kept in glass cases on the sales floor. Your budtender will show you to strains that are best for your needs, and someone behind the counter will offer you the samples to see and smell.

This is when you’ll get into the details of hybrid percentages, strength, and what to expect from your product. At another part of the store, edibles and concentrates are available.

Ordering your product

Once you’ve decided which product is right for you, your order will be fulfilled behind the counter. The process takes less than five minutes, and your name will be called when it’s ready.

Visit Canopi for Your Private Consultation

Let us answer your questions and make your first dispensary experience a great one. Visit our North Las Vegas location for your Nevada medical marijuana from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m every day now and 24 hours soon!