Famous People Who Smoke Weed

Don’t take our word for it; Time magazine reports that marijuana is now the most popular drug in the world, with between 119 million and 224 million users worldwide. Whether the use is medicinal or recreational, cannabis is both widely used and widely appreciated by consumers across the United States.

The latest scientific research shows that this versatile plant can be used to treat a wide variety of disorders, from glaucoma to Parkinson’s. Currently, more than 60 U.S. and international health organizations have come out in support of providing patients with legal access to medicinal pot while under a doctor’s care.

But how widespread is using cannabis in a non-medical, recreational way? It turns out a surprising number of the most popular figures in entertainment, politics, and sports have all used it – frequently.

Top 20 Celebrities Who Have Admitted to Marijuana Usage

  1. Former President Barack Obama admitted to using pot when he was in his teens.
  2. Late night talk show comedian Stephen Colbert said he was a smoker in high school.
  3. During the filming of Ocean’s 12 in Amsterdam, handsome heartthrob actor George Clooney said to frequent a cannabis café there.
  4. Lady Gaga says pot helps her write music.
  5. TV reporter Tom Brokaw has admitted to trying cannabis.
  6. Breaking Bad Emmy winner Bryan Cranston has used it and said, “It made me sleepy.”
  7. Even the legendary Oprah Winfrey.
  8. Brad Pitt, too, although we don’t know if joined George Clooney during Ocean’s 12.
  9. If you don’t know about Willie Nelson, you’ve been living under a rock.
  10. Remember the notorious photos of Olympic athlete Michael Phelps?
  11. The lovely Jennifer Aniston told the UK Daily Mail there’s nothing wrong with moderate recreational usage.
  12. Former Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg later said he regretted being so off the cuff about his unabashed admittance that he enjoyed marijuana as a recreational relaxant.
  13. Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh went on record as saying he used cannabis frequently in his work.
  14. Basketball superstar LeBron James documented his casual pot use in his book Shooting Stars.
  15. America’s richest man, Bill Gates has been known to enjoy the plant.
  16. Jay Z says it helps him be creative.
  17. Now retired talk show host and comedian Jon Stewart has admitted frequent usage.
  18. In 1991 The New York Times reported that Supreme Court Justice nominee Clarence Thomas smoked pot in college.
  19. Famous travel writer Rick Steves is a strong advocate for marijuana legalization at the federal level and has even served on the board of NORML.
  20. Singer Rihanna says marijuana is one of the finer things in life.


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