CANOPI goes recreational.

CANOPI has been proudly serving the medical marijuana needs of Las Vegas residents, and now we apply that same care and focus to our recreational customers. For those who qualify to purchase recreational marijuana under the law, CANOPI is your absolute best bet for getting the bud you want, when you want it.

What makes CANOPI the best for recreational cannabis?

CANOPI has a unique partnership with one of Nevada’s largest and best Marijuana distributors: CWNevada. Our partnership with CW means that we’re always in stock with whatever it is you need. Moreover, our team is experienced and knowledgeable about the wide variety of choices available in the world of medical and recreational marijuana. Trust our expertise to guide you.

Which CANOPI locations can I buy recreational marijuana from?

All three of our locations are fully licensed and stocked to sell you the highest quality in recreational cannabis products. From edibles to buds, we are ready to serve you.

Will CANOPI still serve medical clients?

Absolutely. With us you never have to worry about running out of stock or our dispensaries getting overrun. Our patients are our primary focus and you will get the high quality treatment you deserve and have come to expect.

CANOPI Pricing Changes due to State Taxes

Not everybody in Las Vegas can afford the licensing fees required to begin selling recreational marijuana. A license for a single location can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Only the most established and high quality dispensaries are able to meet the high requirements of the Nevada government and┬ábegin selling recreational products in addition to medical products. Our clientele knows we treat them well and that┬ácore of committed customers is the reason we’re able to expand and offer our high quality services to all Nevadans.

Legal recreational marijuana is sweeping the nation as state after state decriminalizes small amounts of marijuana for recreational use. Strict licensing and safety requirements mean that the clients are getting the highest quality and safest product, while the local community is greatly benefited by the additional funds. We’re excited and proud to be a part of this new day in the most exciting city in the world. Come celebrate with us!